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May 30, 09 11:44 AM
Think...."The Jeffersons"
May 22, 09 2:13 PM
You got knocked the f*** out!
May 19, 09 10:17 AM
25 man Raids... Here we come!
May 12, 09 5:17 AM
Another raid, Another epic
May 1, 09 8:38 AM
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Welcome to the home of <ad hoc>!

Located on this website you will find a veritable plethora of information on the guild, rules of conduct, character profiles, class information and much more! Please, feel free to look around and enjoy!

Other Guild News


jpetrulich, May 30, 09 11:44 AM.
Well people, it has been fun. I just wanted to write on here to let you guys know that Skrumka is moving onto another guild. I accepted an offer for Phoenix Rising and am now an initiate over there. It was nothing personal, nothing mean spirited about my move. I have an inkling what I can do with my toon and want to put him to the test.

I am still leaving my alts, dethdrum and spazztastic in the guild and will help out tanking whenever I am free. Please feel free to look me up if ever you need help. You guys are top notch and I want to see you keep growing :)

Good luck all! Don't be afraid to write :)

Think...."The Jeffersons"

jpetrulich, May 22, 09 2:13 PM.
That's right cause we are moving on up! lol Friday and saturday night we will shoot to have 25 man raids, or at least get them going and interested generated in them. We have a few prospective guilds alliances that are in the works so keep your eyes on your calander for new updates in the coming weeks!

You got knocked the f*** out!

jpetrulich, May 19, 09 10:17 AM.
What a busy raiding week for all of us! We cleared the military wing last week on ten man and then ran 25 man Spider/Construct wing with Sleepless! Hell of an experience and I think I speak for all of us that it was a fun time running balls to the wall in 25 thanks to the guys from Sleepless for having us!

Then came last night...We ran through the spider and plague wings like it was a heroic! Grats to Snork and Boss for winning two very nice BoE epics and to all who grabbed new gear!

Check the forums page for more info or if anyone has comments.
Cheers! :)

25 man Raids... Here we come!

jpetrulich, May 12, 09 5:17 AM.
After several weeks of sucessful raiding of 10 man naxx, with our groups comprised mostly of guild members, We will be looking to join forces with other guilds and working together to take down 25 man content.

There are currently some alliances in the works with some very polite and knowledgable players. If you are interested or know someone who is curious about teaming up for 25 man content, Feel free to send a letter to Skrumka (me), Bossdelay or Dynas about possible strategic alliances. Ventrillo will be an absolute requirement for these raids (even if it is just to listen).

Also, When other guilds are brought into the fold, there will be no preferrential treatment or looting rules! Currently looting rules are lax and we go by the "common sense" rules (check the forums on this or send me a tell if you have any questions)....All players who pull their own weight and are active will have an equal chance or rolling for loot.

Let me be the first to say to all prospective guild partners...Welcome and let's have us some fun :)

Another raid, Another epic

jpetrulich, May 1, 09 8:38 AM.
Good work to all raiders who helped out this week on our second successful 10 man Naxx run! We had a few hiccups during boss fights, a few wipes too, but overall everyone moved smoothly and knew their respective roles near perfectly (saying alot for our second raid!). Raids will be coordinated for the week of may 10th to the 16th. Let's take a break next week, read up on fights we aren't concrete on, rest and come back fresh and ready to clear!
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